Calgary and Edmonton Landscaping Tips


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Are you thinking about remodelling your yard and showing off your beautiful landscape designer abilities to your friends and neighbours? Well, one of the Edmonton landscaping companies I contacted, Admiral Scape, says you don’t have to spend a fortune on professional landscape contractors to get started. Many outdoor home improvement and landscaping projects can be performed by even the most inexperienced beginners! Hiring the wrong professional landscapers can cost a fortune, dig irreparable holes up in your grass, and in the end, you might not even be satisfied with their completed job. Undertaking the landscape design and building projects yourself yields a sense of extreme self satisfaction when you glance out at your yard first thing in the morning. You will be happy with your own work and have an unmatched sense of accomplishment. If you are from the Calgary or Edmonton areas within Alberta, then these personal landscaping tips are for you! Some of them may seem simple, but you’d be surprised at how many times these little tidbits of information are overlooked by beginner landscapers when landscaping Calgary homes.

1.Get a good garden hose.

Rain can come and go as it pleases, and you’d be surprised how easily lush green grass and those beautiful plants of yours can wilt in intense heat with no H20. Obtain a good hose, preferably 50 meters or longer, made of sturdy material. Don’t get it too thin, as you’d also be surprised at how easily some companies cheaply made hoses can puncture.

2. Put on a uniform.

No, not an actual uniform! Find a comfortable pair of jeans or shorts that you know you don’t mind getting filthy. Find a T-shirt that’s loose fitting. When you put these pieces of clothing on, the world knows you are ready to show Calgary and Edmonton landscapers you know what you’re doing!

3.Have a safe place for your landscaping utensils.

You don’t have to go out and purchase an outdoors’ shed, though one may be beneficial depending on where you live. For your rakes, hoes, shovels, bags of fertilizer, and your wheelbarrow, you want to make sure everything has its place. This could be under a back deck, in a corner of the garage, or even in a storage closet. Gardening and landscape tools can easily get misplaced when you’ve been working all day, so make sure they all find their way home safely.

4.Invest in pest control.

There are two kinds of annoying pests to the average landscapers. Weeds make green grass look unsightly, and ants build nasty mounds of dirt that pop up all over your acreage. You will find that keeping weed killer and ant poison in your arsenal of tools highly beneficial to the greenery and landscaping of your yard. states that many landscapers who begin landscaping Edmonton yards forget about this step, and recommends you choose to work with one of several companies specializing in the area if you’re landscape has out of control pest problems.

5.Do some research.

If you are uncertain of what all you want your yard design to look like, shop around at your local gardening stores. Look online. What plants and flowers grow best in your neck of Edmonton, or your corner of Calgary? What’s the best type of fertilizer for these plants? What time of the year do you want your yard to be a flourishing garden? A site like Canada Nursery and Landscape Alberta may also be helpful to you. These are all things experienced Edmonton or Calgary landscaping companies, design experts, and the best landscapers will do before they begin a new landscape project.

There are dozens of other things you can do with landscaping to help your yard in Edmonton or Calgary look spectacular any time of the year. Talk to local Alberta landscaping experts and find out what other tools you can use to utilize and landscape your outdoor space!